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Grand lodge Election will be held on wed April 2nd 7am-6pm town hall. 1511 Rollins Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. Want to request an absentee ballot? If u are eligible to request an absentee ballot please do so ASAP. Everything must be received no later then 10 days before election. Please make sure to Mail in your ballot to Brenda Hattin at Sierra Pacific Air Transport Local Lodge 1782 IAMAW P.O. Box 281617 San Francisco, CA 94128-1617



Rich Delaney, September 26, 2013IAM and United Airlines: Agreement Reached for PCE, Fleet, Stores

"District 141 and United Airlines today reached a Tentative agreement on behalf of IAM represented Public Contact employees, Ramp/Fleet Service employees, and Storekeepers."

Highlights include "Increased compensation for the future and recognizes sacrifices of the past. An immediate increase in the base rate provides for an hourly rate of $24.00 and additional payments to individuals will reward
previous work hours and seniority retroactively. Additional scheduled increases will provide for an hourly rate of $26.22 ... also provides for substantial increases in pension benefit..."

Further "details will be published ... through IAM communications..."

Read the full leaflet at iam141.org and get contract updates via the Districts dedicated contract page: contract.iam141.org.

And let's remember, brothers and sisters, to read the full content of the tentative agreements and remember that money does not always talk. Notice that the only highlight given is the money and wage increases here. Let's wait on the celebration to read about what other changes they've made or agreed to with the company with regards to the health care language, retro payments, overtime, and other work rules before we cheer for two dollars.

Worth repeating: It is imperative that each member read the full text thoroughly when it comes out. Be sure to apply it to your own situation and try to think of the rest of the membership as a whole, if you can. What may be good for one person may not be good for the group and if we accept less in one area for ourselves, we are accepting less for all of the others as well.

This negotiation has been so difficult because the previous expired but amendable contract has terrific work rules (sure, it could be better) that the Company wants/wanted to take away from us. If we let them take away everything or anything we have now to trade for something that they are trying to sell us into believing is better, next time around they will be absolutely less inclined to give us anything back because we would have already given it all away in this round. Please remember that the sacrifices we agree to in this round of Contract Negotiations will end up being on a Wish List of "Dreams Deferred", if you will, the next round of negotiations.

Peace and Good Luck to all of us.



UPDATE, Rich Delaney, September 12, 2013United Airlines
"Regarding the enhanced Early Out program... the company has committed to extend the sign up period ... [to one week past an announced tentative agreement, or no later than October 31, 2013 in order to]  allow all interested members to see the provisions of a new tentative agreement before committing to participate in the Early Out program."

Read why at iam141.org and for more information and forms on the Early Out program, see iam141.org  for their Early Out info page.

UPDATE, Rich Delaney, September 12, 2013United Airlines
[The directed "status conference" of United and the IAM] was frank. The Board informed us... they are not willing to schedule negotiations after October 1st at this time [and] that the [only] dates the Board determined were available for further negotiations were the week of the District 141 Convention in Kona, September 22 - 27... the cost of a short notice cancellation of the convention to the Union was prohibitive.. [and therefore] will assign officers of District 141 not committed to negotiations to conduct the convention."

Find out why the NMB refuses further negotiations in the full iam141.org article


UPDATE, Rich Delaney, September 10, 2013
US Airways
"The National Mediation Board (NMB) today held a “status conference” with IAM Districts 141 and 142 regarding the ongoing US Airways Mechanic and Related and Fleet Service contract negotiations. The NMB will meet with the company tomorrow."

Finish the flyer at iam141.org


UPDATE, Rich Delaney, September 6, 2013United Airlines
"Negotiations ... continued this week ... [however did not result in] a full and complete tentative agreement [although] our original agreement with the NMB and United was to enter “expedited” mediation last summer with the intent of reaching a settlement by November 15, 2012. ...

[Currently there is] no announced schedule for returning to the table... instead ... NMB has directed both the
IAM and United to participate in a “status conference” [on Monday, September 9th, 2012] with the
Chairman of the NMB to ... assess where the ...significant areas of dispute are that are preventing a settlement.

[We made] significant progress on ... the provisions of the enhanced Early Out program... [such as] any
member opting for the Early Out program, regardless of the final date of work, will be eligible for any special payment a new ratified agreement may contain including retroactive pay, signing bonus, or any other one time payment that may be negotiated. [And] every participant will be entitled to the best option for health insurance available to them.

The sign up period [for the Early Out program] remains open until September 16th."

Read all of the details at iam141.org.


UPDATE, Rich Delaney, September 5, 2013Us Airways
"The National Mediation Board (NMB) has scheduled a “status conference” with the IAM and US Airways in Washington D.C. on Tuesday September 10, 2013 regarding the Mechanic and Related and Fleet Service negotiations."

Full Leaflet


UPDATE, Rich Delaney, August 26, 2013US Airways
"The benefit of wage increases is only realized when the merger is complete... [and] our position regarding the planned merger has not changed – we are in favor of a business plan that rewards our members and makes their future more secure. ... [and] intend to meet with the NMB in early September to seek a return to the bargaining table... "

United Airlines
"Starting on September 4th... One of the first issues we are hopeful can be resolved is the outstanding components of the announced Early Out program. ... The remaining issues of wage rates, job security, and active employees insurance will be taken up when we are more certain about the Early Out program."

The full article will be found at iam141.org.

UPDATE, Rich Delaney, August 17, 2013
United Airlines
"Bargaining with United Airlines continued this week. In addition ... the Negotiating Team received the preliminary results of the membership survey ... [The] issues that now appear as the greatest concern to members are the same ... - wages and job security... The response of the company was the same as it has been since we got back together after the rejection of the tentative agreement - the value of that agreement was the maximum amount they are prepared to pay IAM members...

The response of the company was the same as it has been since we got back together after the rejection of the tentative agreement - the value of that agreement was the maximum amount they are prepared to pay IAM members...

[While] job security continues to be a priority of our members, the company continues to make decisions based only on what is in their best interests, not their employees...

We finished the week with limited progress being made.

US Airways

Two significant things affecting our US Airways membership occurred this past week. First, and most importantly, the NMB certified the IAM as the representative of all employees in the Maintenance and Related classifications as a result of the overwhelming victory over the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The margin of victory shows clearly which union the eligible voters wanted to represent them now and in the future. It is significant to see that the total votes cast for the IBT was a lot less than the number of authorization cards they claimed to have received from members. This strengthens the argument raised during the election that the IBT has engaged in a long established practice of forging signatures of individuals in order to claim support. The second issue of the week is connected to this problem..."

Read the full and shocking United Airlines as well as the US Airways Updates at iam141.org!



"Machinists Union Wins Election for 4,600 Mechanic and Related at US Airways 
August 12, 2013-- In a contest overseen by the National Mediation Board (NMB), the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today soundly defeated the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) in an election to represent nearly 4,600 Mechanic and Related employees at US Airways. The IAM received 1903 votes, or 58 percent of all votes cast in the five-week election, while the IBT received 1418 votes, less than 43 percent."

Read the full article sponsored by goiam.org in their IAM Transportation NewsWire


UPDATE, Rich Delaney, August 10, 2013
United Airlines
"Meetings between the IAM and United were held this past week.. the growing problems between management and Union representatives were also addressed and resolved.
When negotiations finally resumed the issues of job security, wages/retro, and health insurance were discussed...
Discussions also were held regarding wage improvements more in line with the expectations of our members..
Limited discussion was held regarding health care costs, as we wait for the company to finalize their costs for 2014...
US Airways
There are only a few days left for eligible US Airways members to vote in the representation vote between the IAM and IBT. ... The NMB will announce the determination of results Monday afternoon.
Get the whole scoop at iam141.org!

  UPDATE, Rich Delaney, August 3, 2013; "Stop Outsourcing"

"Members continue to protest outsourcing of work across the country and in IAH this past week over 400 hundred IAM members came together to show their support for their fellow members affected by United Airlines decision to outsource work in TUS, CVG, GRR, MDT, ALB, and ROC."

Regarding the "United Survey System ...  We ask all eligible members to take the time to participate in the survey, as the results of the survey will form the positions of our Union going forward...The New United has not provided the District with an accurate employee address list for Sub CO ... Please E-Mail your information
to survey@iam141.org and we will verify and supply you with the information you will need to participate."

 US Air and Hawaiin Air to potentially get survey systems as well.

"[United] Negotiations resume this coming week...[we are hopeful that] the results of the current
survey will identify other concerns of members .. "

See the whole article at iam141.org that contains information on United Airlines notification of switching all PPO programs over to Aetna, and the effect it may have on you as well as detailed information on the US Airways Representation Vote!

UPDATE, July 27, 2013; Profits Soar Employees Poor

"District 141 has announced the start up of the membership survey process[that] is intended to provide ongoing information and feedback to and from our members to District 141... Information and instruction of how to sign up for the survey has been mailed to each member’s home address... The initial questionnaire is ready to be filled out and focuses on United Airlines’ contract issues. A second questionnaire is being prepared to identify concerns specific to US Airways negotiations...

Negotiations with United Airlines will resume on August 7th and are scheduled to continue through August 16th. The major issues that have already been outlined – wage improvement, healthcare cost and coverage immediately and into the future, and job security – have been the internal focus of the IAM this past week in preparation of a return to the table on August 7th...

The Early Out program is now available [however] While employees are able to sign up for the program immediately and through September 5th ... the program will not go into effect until a tentative agreement is reached ... and a majority of members vote to ratify it..."  

Continue reading at IAM141.ORG to get the full details on the new Early Out Program and more information on the Districts intentions when negotiations resume. 

For detailed information on the Survey process, check the dedicated UA SURVEY section of IAM141.ORG.

 UPDATE, July 24, 2013; Investing in your Future with Online Surveys

"As the negotiating team struggles with what 32,000 members want at the “New United”, [they've adopted] The Survey System in partnership between District Lodge 141 and a union company called Ballot Point... The new system will ... use e-mails, instead of US postal service, as notification for future surveys... Mailing of survey security codes will begin on 26 July 2013. The first survey will be available on 29 July at: https://www.ballotpoint.com/IAMAW141survey [and] will be available to take until midnight P.S.T., 12 August 2013. "

Read the full story and details at IAM141.ORG on their July 24, 2013 Update.

UPDATE, Rich Delaney, July 19, 2013; "United Airlines Update
Negotiations with United Airlines resumed this week. The focus was on looking for ways to address the recent announcement by United of intent to contract out the current work in CVG, GRR, ROC, ALB, MDT, and TUS. The company informed the IAM that they intended to take action to turn all ground handling work over to a vendor - American Eagle - in all six stations, effective October 15th. ... After over two full days of discussion, the company told us there was nothing we could do that would change their decision at this time. ... [We have] agreed that the affected employees are entitled to enhanced severance allowance due to the company decision to contract out work... [however], we need contract language that addresses the reality of today’s, and tomorrow’s, airline industry and the increasing and relentless pressure outside vendor operations put on our membership... This past week has shown that working together stops at the bottom line ..."

Turns out it's all about the money with the new United, and the Public Contact Employees are too expensive and are therefore expendable. Read the full dismal truth in the latest publication from IAM141.ORG.

UPDATE, Rich Delaney, 12 July 2013, with regards to US Airways
— "US Airways announced this week that their shareholders had endorsed the proposed merger with American Airlines. This is one of the final steps necessary to complete the merger. Approval must still be given by the governmental agencies responsible for the oversight of mergers. "

Read the full story directly at IAM141.ORG.


UPDATE, Rich Delaney, 12 July 2013, with regards to United Airlines— "This past week United Airlines gave notice to both the IAM and station employees in CVG, GRR, ROC, ALB, MDT, and TUS of their intent to  contract out existing work to vendors ... The [IAM's immediate response is] that we were opposed to any contracting out of work that causes the furloughing of members... As called for under our PCE Agreement, we immediately agreed to meet to discuss retaining the work in-station, finding alternatives to the company’s plan, and protecting the rights of members caught up in the financial decisions of the new United ... on Tuesday, July 16th. 

The actions of the company has caused a reaction 
by employees. Many members are aware of the commitment CEO Smizek gave to Congress when he was seeking their approval for the largest airline merger in history that no employees would be laid off. Petitions being signed and forwarded to government officials looking for support show that employees put their faith in his words and are now disillusioned.

...The notification received this week anticipates a possible October effective date for changes in stations..."

To see the full publication, go to: IAM141.ORG.

UPDATE, Rich Delaney, July 08, 2013—"This morning, Monday, July 8, 2013, United Airlines notified District 141 of their intent to contract out the remaining work in six stations – CVG, GRR, ALB, ROC, MDT, and TUS... The company cited their right to make these decisions under the current UAL/IAM Public Contact Employee Agreement – Article II, Paragraph C, 5 – that permits some contracting out even in the face of furloughs but requires the company to meet with the IAM to discuss and negotiate the impact on members..."

Read the full publication at IAM141.ORG

UPDATE, Rich Delaney, 29 June 2013—"Negotiations: United Airlines
Members of the District 141 United Airlines Negotiating Team returned to the bargaining table this week. ... The IAM’s main goals have remained the same throughout all negotiations sessions and were again stated to the company – improved job security for all members, affordable health insurance for all members, and improved compensation for all members. ... The company’s position was reinforced, outside of negotiations, by a recently published interview of CEO Smisek in which he announced United’s intent to actively look at contracting out work across the system and in all classifications (the interview is posted on another page of the iam141.org website).

Negotiations: US Airways 
—"...Meetings will continue during the coming weeks as we await instructions from the National Mediation Board as to a return to the bargaining table."

Read the full publication at IAM141.ORG.

UPDATE, Rich Delaney, 21 June 2013—Discussions between the IAM, United Airlines, and the National Mediation Board earlier this week have resulted in a commitment by all parties to return to the bargaining table and begin looking for solutions to the problematic issues that prevented us from ratifying an agreement. The NMB has directed us to resume negotiations this coming week in Chicago.  

This coming week is the target date for the uniform change 
among United employees. Some questions have been raised as to the appropriateness of implementing a single uniform policy without having the airlines integrated through contracts and seniority lists. It would have been preferable for the company to wait until our negotiations were completed to make this change but it is not a violation of any existing agreement. ... While uniforms may lead customers to believe there is a single airline, only ratified contracts will ultimately lead to integrated work groups."

Read the full article at IAM141.ORG.

UPDATE—Rich Delaney, 16 June 2013—"The NMB and US Airways:On Monday District 141, through our International President, formally requested a release from mediation in our ongoing negotiations with US Airways. ...  [if] arbitration is rejected the NMB will establish a strike date and a corresponding 30 day cooling off period intended to get the parties together for a last opportunity to settle ...
We took this step because the progress in our talks with US Airways was minimal and does not appear to be changing. The outstanding economic issues of wages, vacation/holidays, and pension improvements cannot be agreed to, based on the positions of the two sides. ... Since no movement was made to close the gap between the two proposals during our last meetings the IAM has now looked to the law to move these talks forward. 

The NMB and United Airlines:
On Thursday the IAM met with the NMB regarding negotiations on United Airlines. ... Both the company and the IAM were looking for a quick return to talks . ... Both United and the IAM committed to be available at a time and place directed by the NMB to resume talks with the intent of reaching an agreement at the earliest possible time and present it to our members for review and ratification.

The need to reach an agreement in the near future became more 
clear this week as effected members across the system completed the decision making the company imposed reduction in force in line stations across the country required. ... "

Read the full publication at IAM141.ORG.

Rich Delaney, June 14, 2013—"IAM Requests Release From NMB for US Airways Fleet

The IAM formally requested that the National Mediation Board (NMB) release its US Airways Fleet Service members from further mediated contract negotiations and initiate a 30-day countdown to a strike."

For further details see IAM141.ORG.

"June 13 2013--International President Tom Buffenbarger today announced Grand Lodge Representative Ira Levy will replace retiring Airline Coordinator Tom Brickner effective August 1, 2013...
Brother Shawn Humpherys will be appointed Special Representative and will replace Brother Levy in the field effective August 1, 2013. "
For the full story: GOIAM.ORG
LL1782 extends heartfelt congratulations to Brother Humpherys and we wish him the best of luck in this new endeavor.

You will be sorely missed.

Rich Delaney, June 11, 2013:—"Today, June 11, 2013, the IAM filed a request with the National Mediation Board for a proffer of arbitration in our ongoing negotiations with US Airways on behalf of our Fleet Service membership. "

Full article can be found at IAM141.ORG.

RICH DELANEY, JUNE 10, 2013—"As we have noted over the past month or more, we have been very disappointed in the lack of a response from the NMB regarding our desire and commitment to return to full negotiations with United Airlines. ... The delay of returning to contract talks has been the inability of the parties to meet without some discussion and approval by the NMB, as we jointly petitioned for their help immediately after the rejection of the previous tentative agreement. ... United Airlines will be holding a shareholders’ meeting this week in Washington, D.C. One of the issues sure to be mentioned is the status of labor relations within the airline. For the third year in a row the company will have to acknowledge that they have not completed contract negotiations covering a majority of employees and therefore are not fully benefitting from the merger that was approved by shareholders in 2010. "

See the full publication at IAM141.ORG.

Rich Delaney, June 07, 2013:—"US Airways negotiationsNegotiations between District 141 and US Airways occurred this week. It is disappointing to report that while some movement by the parties was made, it became obvious that we are far apart, at this time, on the areas of our contract that are most important to our members. ... Your negotiating team is making preparations for station visits and informational meetings across the system during this unknown period between meetings."
Read the full story at IAM141.ORG.




Wednesday, June 5, 2013— At the monthly membership meeting, Greg Brown - Committee Person SFO - took the honor of swearing in Local 1782's newest Executive Board member, Kathy Bird. Kathy was appointed by Local 1782 President Scott Rothstein as the new Educator for Local 1782 following the transfer of the previous appointee. She will begin her duties effective immediately.

Local 1782 is very excited to work with Kathy! She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and has the drive to guide our membership to enlightenment! She has a host of fantastic ideas already in pre-planning stages to make the most of her duties as Educator, and that will have the most positive impact on our membership. She will be an absolute asset to Local 1782 and we encourage you to join us in welcoming her to the team!

Welcome aboard, Kathy!


Teamsters Raid American and US Airways Mechanics

UPDATE - Rich Delaney, June 3, 3013—"The International Brotherhood of Teamsters filed with the National Mediation Board this past week seeking to force a representation election among the mechanics of American Airlines. This filing comes two weeks after the IBT’s filing on US Airways for a mechanics representation vote. ...
United Airlines and IBT ceased bargaining: United Airlines and the IBT announced this past week they were unable to reach an agreement for the mechanic and related classifications and have ceased bargaining. ...

US Airways and DL141 resume negotiations: Negotiations between District 141 and US Airways resume this coming week in Chicago. This round of talks will be the first meeting of the parties since the announced alliance between the IAM and TWU. ..."  Click here for the full story at iam141.org.

Still No Response from Mediation Board

UPDATE - May 26, 2013—"The National Mediation Board
The non-response from the National Mediation Board is completely unacceptable. ... The rejection of the recent tentative agreement shows that the members' determination for these improvements is as strong as ever and the responsibility of any future agreement will be to reach the level of improvement demanded by our members. 

United Airlines will continue to make business decisions 
...United Airlines will continue to make business decisions that impact our members and will not wait for a second round of negotiations. ...

Alliance between IAM and TWU
The recently announced alliance between the IAM and the Transport Workers' Union to jointly represent and negotiate on behalf of the employees of the post-merger American Airlines continues to evolve. .."

Read the full story at IAM141.ORG

No Response from Mediation Board

UPDATE-May 12, 2013— "The fight is for a strong, unified negotiating position against the largest airline, not against each other: Following up on AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s suggestion to the IAM and TWU to work towards a mutually acceptable alternative to a representation battle at the new American Airlines, both unions have been putting their best efforts into finding an answer. ...

Preparations to return to negotiations at United Airlines:
Preparations to return to negotiations at United Airlines continued this past week. ... 
To date there has been no response from the Board....

USAirways negotiation update:
USAirways negotiations, originally scheduled for last week, were postponed but will resume the first week of June in Chicago. "

Read all the details at IAM141.ORG.

IAM Celebrates 125 Years

125th Cake-Past125th Cake-Present
Rich Delaney, May 04, 2013—"

125 years of Union Representation:
This week the IAM turns 125 years old. ... Like the evolution of the industries the IAM represents, our Union has seen many changes and has adapted to technology improvements and the dynamics of moving people and goods from point to point....

United Airlines purchases planes for United Express to fly:
... The ever increasing use of outside contractors to perform basic work for airlines is a constant threat. ... The company has declared they will begin receiving the first of 30 aircraft in 2014. ... The company also announced that although United was purchasing the aircraft they intended to lease them to a regional carrier, to be named later, to actually operate them. ...

Pensions are not gifts from employers but deferred wages:
The issue of the future of defined benefit pension plans was addressed this past week by our International President Tom Buffenbarger, in a letter to President Obama. ... President Buffenbarger's point in his letter was to push for stronger funding requirements of other plans rather than allow poorly managed funds to cut benefits for retirees and possibly threaten healthy plans in the future. "

Check out IAM141.ORG's fully feature article.

RICH DELANEY, APRIL 20, 2013— "Reevaluation of bargaining positions, communication processes and voting procedures, in advance of returning to contract negotiations with United Airlines, continued this past week. ... As we have reported recently, we are also restructuring the format future surveys will be conducted in order to insure accurate and secure participation by members.  ...  Negotiations resume this week in Washington, D.C. between District 141 and USAirways. We expect to receive a comprehensive economic proposal from the company in response to the proposal the IAM resented to them last month. ... Just as our negotiations are controlled by acts of Congress and government agencies, such as the NMB, the industry we work in is also reliant on government. "

Read the full article at IAM141.ORG.

RICH DELANEY, APRIL 16, 2013— Preparations for a return to contract negotiations have been ongoing since the results of the membership ratification vote became known on March 30th. The first step was to take advantage of the previously scheduled District 141 Chairmen's Conference to hold in depth discussions with local leadership regarding the next steps needed to be taken. ... Before returning to negotiations it will be necessary to re-evaluate the needs and expectations of all members. ... Members have questioned why the seniority integration process has been slowed. The answer is that the accrual and use of seniority was an integral part of the past tentative agreement and was subject to membership ratification. ... Since the agreement was rejected by a majority of members there is no basis for integrating seniority. "

Read the full article at IAM141.ORG.

April 5, 2013—Update On Seniority Integration

"To: All United-Continental Holdings, Inc. Employees Represented by the IAM
From: Joshua M. Javits, Neutral

...the seniority integration process has been suspended until further notice...."

See the full letter from the mediator at IAM141.ORG.


RICH DELANEY, MARCH 30, 2013—"Members of District 141 have emphatically rejected the tentative agreements  reached with United Airlines. "

Read the full and un-shocking story at IAM141.ORG.

All members should be aware that when casting your vote, you *MUST* return BOTH the BALLOT AND THE STRIKE vote cards and stubs.
Should one fail to vote for one option on each card, ones vote shall be null and void.
Take particular care to read the instructions very carefully to ensure that your voice counts in this particularly important vote!  


Note: If you have not yet received your ballot, one of our coworkers tried this:
They sent an e-mail to District President Rich Delaney (rdelaney@iam141.org),
District Secretary-Treasurer Dave Atkinson (datkinson@iam141.org
and AGC Shawn Humpherys (shumpherys@iam141.org),
stating their company ID number and current address, stating they had not yet received a ballot,
and are supposedly getting a replacement sent.
(Possibly via overnight mail) There are only days left in the voting period.  

If you have not yet received your ballot, it is strongly suggested that you attempt this method immediately.

See contract.iam141.org for the most up-to-date official postings of tentative agreements.

RICH DELANEY, MARCH 4, 2013—"This past week began the in station information meetings presented by members of the Negotiating Team to our membership in advance of ratification voting...The need for a fuller understanding of the complete job security provisions included in the agreement and the protection they give to various situations and individuals was the number one issue brought up in all meetings, regardless of previous airline experience. The second most asked topic was health insurance and its status in the coming years."

See IAM141.ORG to further read about a new Early Out Program, insourcing, and seniority protection. 


Rich Delaney, February 24, 2013­—"This past week we conducted informational meetings for all station representatives from all groups and previous airlines to present the details of our recently announced tentative agreement with United Airlines. ... The focus of the meetings was on the key areas of employment security, economics and benefits, and work rules. Each attendee receive a copy of the first draft of the contract, with the understanding that final proofreading and corrections will be made to the document prior to mailing copies of the agreement to each member’s home prior to ratification voting.

See IAM141.ORG to read the specifics to include Employment Security, The Economic Factors, Health Care, Work Rules, and about any Voting that would take place for any possible ratification of this tentative agreement.

Click here to see accompanying short video sponsored by IAM141.ORG


A MEMORANDUM released February 20, 2013 from Joshua M. Javits, a professional mediator and arbitrator of the Dispute Resolution Services with information about the upcoming seniority integration.

(see iam141.org for more info)


RICH DELANEY, FEBRUARY 16, 2013—"Our recent announcement of reaching a tentative agreement with United Airlines has proven to be welcomed news by our members.

Although we have only been able to release limited information at this time, our membership has viewed the announcement as the end of the long waiting period for a settlement...

Due to the scope of this ratification, ... we have requested and received dispensation of IAM Constitutional requirements that will allow District 141 to conduct this ratification vote through the use of mail balloting...

Prior to voting on this agreement members will receive a copy of the full agreement at their home through the mail. There will be ample time given for each member to read, evaluate, and question what this new agreement means to them before casting their vote."

See the full leaflet at IAM141.ORG.

Click here to see a preview of the Tentative Agreement



RICH DELANEY—"Today, February 13, 2013, District 141 and United Airlines are announcing we have reached a tentative agreement of labor contracts that will improve the lives of our 30,000 members and their families...

The concerns and goals of our members guided our negotiating team through this entire process, and we believe we now have addressed them. Our members now have employment security unmatched in the industry. We have achieved total compensation that is the best in the industry, and rewards them for their past work and sacrifice in the service of their airline. We have stabilized and improved the health care coverage and cost structure for our members and their families for the present day as well as the future. And we have improved pensions so that our members may retire with the security and dignity they have earned and deserve. Our agreement for an early out opportunity will allow members to transition into life after United with comfort and confidence..."

Read through the full disclosure at IAM141.ORG


RICH DELANEY, JANUARY 21, 2013—"There is no progress to report from this week’s negotiating meetings with United Airlines. The issues that are now the main focus of our discussions—job security, wages, health insurance and other benefits—are becoming more difficult as we reach the essentials each subject, from both sides. The positions of both the Union and the company are very well known to each other and both sides are now holding on to what they each believe is “non-negotiable”. Both parties are looking to the other for movement that, at least last week, did not happen...

If we are not able to advance these negotiations through this process then we will rely on the NMB to guide us through the next required phases of the legal process."

See the full publication at IAM141.ORG.


RICH DELANEY, JANUARY 13, 2013—"Job Security. It is one of the key elements of our current negotiations with United Airlines, and it is proving to be one of the most difficult to resolve...

At the beginning of the week the company notified the IAM ...of a possible reduction in force due to the planned closing of the cargo operation in EWR later this year...

The natural question that is asked is “Why can’t the Union stop this from happening?” The answer is simple; The current contract that covers both of these affected groups allows for this type of result..."

To read about our increasingly threatened Job Security, go to IAM141.ORG.


RICH DELANEY, DECEMBER 19, 2012—"At the conclusion of contract negotiations between District 141 and United Airlines on December 7, both sides separately reported the state of progress during the week to the National Mediation Board...

In the opinion of the NMB, the distance between the company’s position and our intentions must be voluntarily narrowed before a final agreement can be reached with their help. That is what we worked on during the past week, and we believe have made significant progress on those issues.

Negotiations continue this week ... to bring outstanding issues to a close. 

We congratulate our Brothers and Sisters of ALPA in concluding and ratifying their agreement last week.."

Read the full leaflet at IAM141.ORG.



RICH DELANEY DECEMBER 2, 2012—"After meeting with the National Mediation Board on Tuesday, members of our negotiating team resumed their work in preparation of returning to face-to face talks with the company this coming week.

The focus of the past week was to refine agreements previously made among sub-committees into a single, readable format. These will become the replacement contract...

We recognize that by negotiating a new agreement that will pertain to 35,000 members of differing experience with labor contracts, it is essential that it is written in a way that simply explains the rights and benefits for members and does not look like the IRS code...

When we resume negotiations this coming week in Chicago, we will continue our work on the formal language process and also work on resolving the subjects that are still open for discussion."

See the full publication at IAM141.ORG.


Rich Delaney, November 27, 2012—  "Representatives of the IAM met with the National Mediation Board today to give our assessment of negotiations with United Airlines. ... Our presentation highlighted the key issues still unresolved—wages, health insurance, and job security... "

See IAM141.ORG for the complete leaflet.


Rich Delaney, November 25, 2012—"Discussions between District 141 and United Airlines continued this past
week. ... After not reaching an agreement by our target date, we jointly agreed to continue negotiations involving areas of our contracts that had been close to resolution. ... The more difficult subjects—Wage Improvement, Job Security, and Benefits—will be the focus of the next meetings of the full negotiating teams. "

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Press Release

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November 16, 2012


Contact: NMB Public Information Line — (202) 692-5050

Re:  United Continental Holdings and ALPA reach Agreement

Washington, D.C. — The National Mediation Board (NMB) is pleased to announce United Continental Holdings, Inc. and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) reached an agreement on November 9, 2012, for a new joint collective bargaining agreement covering pilots at the United and Continental subsidiaries.

This agreement has been approved by the ALPA Master Executive Councils of each subsidiary and sent out for ratification by the company’s pilots. Specific information regarding the contract or its provisions should be obtained directly from the parties.

Mediation was guided by NMB Member, Linda Puchala, Senior Mediator Patricia Sims and Mediator Gerry McGuckin. The National Mediation Board is an independent Federal agency established by the Railway Labor Act, which governs labor-management relations within two key transportation sectors of the United States and U.S. territories: the railroads and airlines.

(See NMB Press Release -- October 15, 2012 )



"Today, November 15, 2012, is the target date for the completion of negotiations between United Airlines and District 141 for a replacement agreement. We have not reached resolution of many issues, and therefore have not reached an overall agreement that could be brought to our Members for review and ratification. ...The essential areas of wage rates, insurance coverage and cost, job security, and retirement remain unresolved. ... While much effort has gone into narrowing the differences between the Union’s proposals and the company’s response, it is clear that we are not in a position to finalize our contract."

See IAM141.ORG for the full publication.

Click here to see the glorious member response to the failure of completion of negotiations on the set Target Date of November 15, 2012. 




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Press Release

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August 3, 2012



Contact: NMB Public Information Line — (202) 692-5050

Re:  United Continental Holdings and ALPA reach Agreement

Washington, D.C. — The National Mediation Board (NMB) is pleased to announce United Continental Holdings, Inc. and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) have reached an agreement in principle on a new joint collective bargaining agreement covering pilots at the United and Continental subsidiaries.

The agreement is subject to definitive documentation, approvals by the ALPA Master Executive Councils of each subsidiary, and ratification by the company’s pilots. Specific information regarding the contract or its provisions should be obtained directly from the parties.

Mediation was guided by NMB Member, Linda Puchala, Senior Mediator Patricia Sims and Mediator Gerry McGuckin. The National Mediation Board is an independent Federal agency established by the Railway Labor Act, which governs labor-management relations within two key transportation sectors of the United States and U.S. territories: the railroads and airlines.

(See NMB.gov for this August 3, 2012 IMMEDIATE Press Release)



October 1, 2010
United Continental Merger Creates The Largest Airline

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Months of discussion and financial review result in agreement to retain IAM-represented employees to perform the necessary ground handling work associated with the UAX operation in ORD.